eCommerce website along with Facebook business page

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Why should you use an eCommerce website although you have a boosted and popular Facebook business page? If this question bothering your mind, then the short answer is you can use an eCommerce website to engage more potential customers than Facebook. Wanna learn more about this? Open your mind’s eye and keep reading.



Advantages of using a Facebook business page:


  • Facebook is well known and most popular social media with millions of user. So the product uploaded on the Facebook business page, reach a maximum number of people.
  • Boosting a business page on Facebook is quite easier. If you deliver fascinating and quality products, then your sell will be higher.
  • You can talk to your customer directly and it helps to build a long-term relationship.
  • The Facebook business page helps you to gain the page insight on your audience.
  • Facebook advertising is quite easier and at a reasonable price. Also, it advertises only the target audience.
  • It keeps your existing customer engaged. You can share pictures and videos. Those can help your customer to believe you and your product.

All I told you above, is great and ok. But let’s talk about some of the limitations of Facebook.

Facebook kills your valuable time:

Wondering how? What you do when people ask for a product and want to view the product and its details? You provide the pictures and details to all your customers manually. They ask for the price, you need to bargain and do more to convince your customer. It means a lot of time you have to chat with your customer. It takes a lot of time. Moreover, you need to be active all the time to contact your customer. So what is the alternative solution? The alternative solution is to provide customers your eCommerce site link. They will find whatever they need.

Facebook does not provide an “Add to Cart” Button :


Suppose one of your customers liked your product and wanna buy it without any further delay. Still, he/she need to contact you about purchasing information. But an eCommerce website can solve this problem. All the eCommerce websites provide the “ADD to Cart” button which gives access to a customer to buy products directly. Saving both the customer and your time.

No order management:


A bunch of customers orders your product. You have to manage the orders manually because Facebook does not provide you an order management service. Also, it does not give the customer a clear view of the stock. So the customer hesitates to order frankly. In that case, an eCommerce site will help you out. It shows how all the details about the order like a customer address, contact number, mail info, no of orders, etc.

No search option:


Suppose one of your customers viewed your product. He liked it and wanna buy it later. How could he find your product in a multitude of your post? It results in dissatisfaction. But your eCommerce website gives the customer search product easily. Customers can search for products by category, name, date uploaded, country or region, and so on. It’s a lot easier to find a product in an eCommerce store than Facebook.

No Customer history:


Once customer purchases from you, Facebook does not save the information of your customer purchasing history except the message he/she delivered to you. If you want to reach them you need to search thoroughly your inbox. Isn’t it hard? But your eCommerce website will collect and gather all information in a systematic way. You can easily decide who are your regular customer, who are your new customer, and who liked your product and wanna buy later by adding it to the wishlist.

Discount and offers:


You have to write details about your discount and offers if your post when you are dealing with a business page. An E-commerce website allows you to do it with just a single click. The previous price also is shown to your eCommerce website to give the audience a clear view.

Account security:

What happens to your business when you can’t access your account for any reason?  Either facebook authority banned your account or the attacker get control over your account? It’s not a great experience you know. All your hard work and success are gone. But in case of an eCommerce website, it all yours. you are the authority, you are the controller, you are the boss. A secured and highly functional eCommerce website will never leave you in darkness.

Hope you get those points. Now let’s discuss the additional advantages of an eCommerce website.

Advantages of an eCommerce website:


First of all your eCommerce website represents your brands. It gives the audience a clear view of your business and products. Customer can easily visit your website and purchase from it, without any delay, without any hassle. You can get designed your website as you want. All the benefits of an eCommerce website in summary given below:

  • Customer information management
  • Add to cart button
  • Advanced searching option
  • Dynamic or friendly discount offer
  • Live customer tracking option
  • Live chat option
  • Notification alert system
  • Multivendor features
  • Tight security
  • Engagement of potential customer
  • Enhance business image
  • Additional money-making by ads
  • Easy maintenance

Whenever you sleep your eCommerce website doesn’t sleep, it still making money for you. That’s really impressive, isn’t it?

How to get an eCommerce website:

It’s pretty simple. Many web and software development companies are creating eCommerce websites. All you need to provide the information on what kind of eCommerce website you want. You may think it is costly, but not at all. Some software companies building eCommerce websites at a reasonable price. For example, WhizDevs is such kind of service provider who uses the latest technology to build a modern customer grabbing and stunning website.

Hope you enjoyed the writing and understood the importance of an eCommerce website to flourish your business. Stay blessed. Thank you.